North Pleasant Street Amehrst MA

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2017 Massachusetts Democratic Convention…

Our Town Democratic Committee has not had much discussion about local issues in Amherst, but the emails below show an interest in starting such an exchange.  We won't all agree, but there is no loyalty test here.  Start with Chris Brashear's note nex...

Local "No On Question 1" Campaigning Activities

The campaign for No On Question 1 is in need of your help during the next several days prior to the election. If Question 1 passes it would eliminate the state income tax, resulting in a 40 percent cut instate revenues.  We must defeat Question 1, and we cannot take this vote for granted.  Six years ago 45 percent of voters voted to eliminate the state income tax. ADTC Chair Leo Maley details a host of things you can do. Find out how you can help out.

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