North Pleasant Street Amehrst MA

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2017 Massachusetts Democratic Convention…

Our Town Democratic Committee has not had much discussion about local issues in Amherst, but the emails below show an interest in starting such an exchange.  We won't all agree, but there is no loyalty test here.  Start with Chris Brashear's note nex...

Amherst Democratic State Delegates


Elected State Convention Delegates and Alternates

Amherst, MA

March 4, 2017

Female Delegates

  • Emily Stetson
  • Sarah McKee
  • Alice Swift
  • Jean Fay
  • Lisa Kosanovic
  • Barbara Burkart
  • Sarah Stookey
  • Laura Bete
  • Maura Keene
  • Sylvia Cuomo

Female Alternates

  • Diana Stein
  • Amy Mittelman
  • Dana Carnegie

Male Delegates

  • Seth Perkins
  • Eric Nakajima
  • Chris Brashear
  • Andrew Cunningham
  • Brian Boyd
  • Arthur Keene
  • Richard Fay
  • Tor Smith
  • Tim Sheehan
  • Robert Pam